State of chaos

Game description: State of chaos:

State of chaos – gather a robust gang, take hold over territories and make a zone of stability during a town confiscated by chaos and disorder. During this robot game you’re planning to apply your strategy skills to form the largest gang of the town. Rent bomb throwers, shooters and different fighters having distinctive skills. Fight against competitive gangs to require management over the town districts. Attack enemy headquarters to seize wealthy resources. Purchase weapons and munitions for your fighters. Create alliances.

Conquerors: Winds of chaos

Game description: Conquerors: Winds of chaos:

Conquerors: Winds of chaos – craft your own kingdom on the ruins of the fallen empire. Clear your lands out of various monsters. Fight against competitors. Bring peace and order to the lands taken over by chaos and war during this automaton game. Enlarge your army with army units, cavalry, magicians and alternative fighting units. Rent powerful heroes having unimaginable skills. Participate in epic battles against varied opponents. Get trophies, power-up your heroes and master new skills. Defeat players from everywhere the planet.

Planetstorm: Fallen horizon

Game description: Planetstorm: Fallen horizon

Planetstorm: Fallen horizon – participate in heavenly body, war for the galaxy management. To produce a powerful army and take command over your troops within the battles. Opt for your faucet within the galaxy conflict and result the destiny of humanity during this exciting humanoid game. Strengthen your own base on a faraway planet. Unlock new technologies, you’ll would like them to make fighting robots, tanks and alternative machinery. Upgrade your warriors and conquer new planets having defeated alternative players.

Asgard rift: Battle arena

Game description: Asgard rift: Battle arena

Asgard rift: Battle arena – collect cards with distinctive heroes having unimaginable fighting skills. Fight in the arenas and win! Demonstrate the planet you talent of a commander during this automaton game. Gather Associate in Nursing unvanquishable squad of varied heroes having totally different skills which can power up one another throughout the battles. Apply special attacks and varied power-ups to crush opponents. Get valuable prizes for each ending. Unlock magic boxes wherever you may realize new maps and runes that you may get to upgrade heroes.

Lunar battle

Game description: Lunar battle:

Lunar battle – craft a prosperous house colony on a faraway planet. Develop your colony and defend it from varied enemies. During this mechanical man game you’re planning to explore a planet longing for fields of natural resources, artifacts so on. The profit of the accessible resources so as to craft a secure base. Build factories, workshops, laboratories, shops, homes and alternative constructions. Discover new technologies. Increase the amount of your staff and armed forces. Fight against house aliens and pirates.