Upjers: Wonderland

Game description: Upjers: Wonderland:

Upjers: Wonderland – facilitate a brave lady rescue her brother taken by a weird shadow. Travel across a magic world choked with mysteries and dangers. The most heroines of this exciting humanoid game got into a magic land colonized by fascinating folks, magic creatures and cute animals. However dark powers aren’t solely threatening the voters of this land, they need taken the heroine’s brother. Facilitate the lady reveal dark mysteries, realize magic artifacts and master magic. Facilitate the villagers and tame pets. Defeat villains.

Mystery trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger

Game description: Mystery trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger

Mystery trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger – follow the tracks of a mysterious assailant World Health Organization seize a girl and threatens peaceful voters. Unknown danger threatens the mystery hunters order during this humanoid game. The assailant seizes the female offspring of the order captain and horrifies stage guests. The villain hides his face behind a mask and blames your order altogether his troubles. Reveal the key of the avenger’s person and filter the explanations that created him commit a criminal offense. Examine locations probing for proof and clues. Use AN infrared camera for following.

Gravity Fans

Game description: Gravity Fans:

Gravity Fans – explore totally different rooms of a bequest search set during a village. Reveal unbelievable secrets hidden during this weird place. Visit Gravity Fans town, that is in a Beaver State state, beside Dipper and Mable Pines, the heroes of this humanoid game. Niece uncle of the heroes is that the owner of a tiny low by tourists. You’re aiming to resolve that this place hides several secrets and mysteries. Examine the house rooms. Attend the attic or to the basement. Inspect each corner.

Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter

Game description: Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter

Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter – fight against terrorists and alternative dangerous opponents. Complete arduous combat missions and shield peaceful waters. Become An Associate in Nursing elite crack shot during this automaton game. You’re progressing to fight against terrorists. Your outstanding shooting and plan of action skills can assist you address this accountable mission. Be able to fight within the town streets and in alternative locations. Realize convenient positions wherever you’ll be protected against enemy hearth. Use crack shot and assault rifles, bomb launchers and alternative varieties of weapons.

Detention: Escape game

Game description: Detention: Escape game:

Detention: Escape game – try and shake a fastened house. Explore completely different rooms craving for keys and helpful objects. Demonstrate your logic skills, attentiveness and inventive thinking during this exciting golem game. The rooms of a weird house area unit packed with mysteries. You need to watch out to not miss the slightest clue. Any very little issue or sound is often the key to freedom. Perform attention-grabbing tasks. Collect completely different objects. Use objects to flee.