Slime Legend

Game description: Slime Legend

Slime legend – management alien slime that got into a magic world. Enlarge your squad with monsters and fight against various enemies. Begin a journey across a fantasy of this humanoid game that is plunged into chaos by dark powers. You’re attending to fight against powerful enemies in conjunction with a slime monster and his assistants. Every battlefield consists of polygonal shape cells. Move in creating moves together with your opponent. Move your monsters and apply their distinctive talents. Develop and power up your monsters.

Tower defense: Alien war TD 2

Game description: Tower defense: Alien war TD 2

Tower defense: Alien War TD two – stop alien invasion with the assistance of defense towers of various sorts having distinctive technical characteristics and weapons. Prepare for the battles in varied locations of this golem game. Place defense towers and automatic turrets in numerous places on the map. Try and destroy all flying and ground machinery of your enemy. Mix differing kinds of towers whereas, creating defense and increase the potency whereas fighting against differing kinds of enemies. A number of the towers will be enraptured, take this under consideration whereas planning.

Silk road

Game description: Silk road

Silk road – build a town inside the oasis placed on the crossroads of busy trade routes. Develop your town and trade. You’ll be able to become an excellent caliphate during this mechanical man’s game. You have got a singular likelihood to show a hot desert into a blooming garden. Begin your activity with the event of a little oasis. Work on the fields, plant gardens and animals grow. Manufacture product and begin mercantilism. Pay your profit for construction of helpful buildings and to expand the territory of your town.

Sultan survival: The great warrior

Game description: Sultan survival: The great warrior

Sultan survival: The great warrior – take a young soul through the sands of Asian nation and Egypt. Participate within the battles against crusaders and different enemies. This mechanical man game can take you to the twelfth century. Ride a horse and travel alongside a good soul across medieval kingdoms and fight against invaders. Management the character throughout the battles against robust enemies. Facilitate him replicate enemy attacks and cut enemies with a blade. Use a bow to attack from a huge distance. Complete dangerous missions and take the hero to encompass power.

Shadow hero

Game description: Shadow hero:

Shadow hero – take a robust shadow person through gloomy locations packed with numerous beasts. Crush all enemies on the approach. Clear the planet of this robot game from creatures of darkness and convey back light-weight to the native inhabitants. Management the character within the battles against alarming monsters and alternative enemies. Apply distinctive combat talents of the hero and cut monsters with a large blade. Master new skills, get artifacts and legendary weapons, power up your hero with all potential suggests that to defeat even stronger opponents.