Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter

Game description: Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter

Counter terrorist: Sniper hunter – fight against terrorists and alternative dangerous opponents. Complete arduous combat missions and shield peaceful waters. Become An Associate in Nursing elite crack shot during this automaton game. You’re progressing to fight against terrorists. Your outstanding shooting and plan of action skills can assist you address this accountable mission. Be able to fight within the town streets and in alternative locations. Realize convenient positions wherever you’ll be protected against enemy hearth. Use crack shot and assault rifles, bomb launchers and alternative varieties of weapons.

Detention: Escape game

Game description: Detention: Escape game:

Detention: Escape game – try and shake a fastened house. Explore completely different rooms craving for keys and helpful objects. Demonstrate your logic skills, attentiveness and inventive thinking during this exciting golem game. The rooms of a weird house area unit packed with mysteries. You need to watch out to not miss the slightest clue. Any very little issue or sound is often the key to freedom. Perform attention-grabbing tasks. Collect completely different objects. Use objects to flee.

Apes hunter: Jungle survival

Game description: Apes hunter: Jungle survival:

Apes hunter: Jungle survival – land associate degree island, that is controlled by aggressive monkeys. Fight against the enemies and shield mankind. During this humanoid game you’re about to become a true commando, activity the key task of the govt. You’ll get on the island, settled by clever monkeys. Monkeys are a unit, creating crafty plans to capture the globe. They need noninheritable fashionable weapons and area unit able to repel any enemy. Move across the locations and stay unobserved. Show your fighting skills within the battles against monkeys. Upgrade your outfit.

Gangster town auto

Game description: criminal city auto:

Gangster town auto – explore totally different district of the criminal town. Steal cars and commit varied crimes to become an illustrious criminal. Become the king of the streets of a giant town during this exciting golem game. Browse rigorously checking out loots. Rob the passers-by and burgled the retailers. Steal a quick automotive associated drive round the town at an insane speed, run varied transport and conceal from the police chase. Obtain weapons to require half within the gun fights against competitors and guards in order.

Ninja Wolfman-Street Fighter

Game description: Ninja wolfman: Street fighter:

Ninja wolfman: Street fighter – management a powerful hero UN agency will transform an enormous wolf. Defend the town from dark powers and dangerous invaders. The most hero of this golem game could be a ninja someone. However, he appears like a person solely throughout the daytime. In the dead of night the character turns into a strong lycanthrope. However, any time of the day the hero guards town order. Varied monsters and powerful bosses assaultive town can feel the sharp weapon system and sharp teeth of the hero. Apply character’s combat skills, use combos and crush enemies.