N.O.V.A. Legacy

Game description: N.O.V.A. Legacy:

N.O.V.A. Legacy – facilitate the hero deal with alien invaders. Take him through the battles in faraway colonies, in spaceships and stations. Kal Wardin, the most hero of this automaton game, goes to face a threat from an area once more. He should stop the invasion of aliens United Nations agency attack one amongst the colonies and conjointly conclude the explanations of the conflict. Take the hero across internal premises of the bottom and across the earth’s surface. Get all benefits of a mobile armored suit and fantasy weapons. Upgrade munitions and obtain powerful weapons.

Big truck rallycross

Game description: huge truck rallycross:

Big truck Rallycross – get into a cabin of a robust truck, step the gas and belt along twisted tracks outrunning trucks of your rivals on the thanks to the end. Win the championship stakes and become the most effective racer during this humanoid game. Speed up your truck to most, however remember to use the brakes at turns. Try and push rivals off the track, however automobileeful|take care|use caution|watch out} as each crash damages your car. Try and show the most effective time of covering the track, get a present, increase your rating. Obtain trucks of various models.


Game description: Daregon:

Daregon – take a funny cubic hero on isometric mazes. Facilitate the hero get to the exit of the maze. To try to do this you wish to search out the required order of actions. Demonstrate creativeness and logic skills, determination the puzzles of this exciting humanoid game. It will not be terribly straightforward to require the hero to the end of the extent as a result of he can get to the beginning of his manner just in case he enters the incorrect door. Deal with guileful twists and turns of pure mathematics. Act with completely different objects. Mix numerous fragments and take the hero to the aim.

Spring dragons

Game description: Spring dragons:

Spring dragons – take a bit dragon on an extended track consisting of the islands floating within the sky. Faucet the screen to form the dragon jump from one island onto another. Begin a merry journey across magic locations of the globe of this automaton game. A cute dragon is going to be your trustworthy companion altogether adventures. Watch the run of a dragon and faucet the screen to form the dragon jump and dodge obstacles. Be able to face varied enemies on the method. Get munitions and power-ups for the dragon. Set records in endless mode.

Traffic racing: Car simulator

Game description: Traffic racing: Car simulator

Traffic racing: Car simulator – sit within the driver’s chair in an exceedingly cabin of a fashionable sports automotive. Rush at crazy speed on a busy route. Get prepared for an extreme drive on onerous tracks of this dynamic robot game. Tread the gas, maneuver within the stream of vehicles, complete risky outruns and push opponent cars off the road. Cowl the gap in minimum time and acquire a worthy reward. Get cars of various makes. Upgrade and paint your cars within the garage.